• 1.How To Clean The Punch Of Tablet Press

    1After using our tablet press, you can use a wire brush to paste the punch. Do not throw it with a wire brush, otherwise the surface of the blade will be easily scratched.
    2If the hard attachment is not removed directly, you can immerse the punch in hot water for a few minutes to remove the attachment, and it can be removed easily and quickly.
    3 If the user does not have a lathe, it is best to buy a special polishing mold machine in the market.
    4 In addition we must analyze the use of drugs. If the added release agent lubricant is small, a certain amount of magnesium sulfate lubricant (5-10%) can be added.

  • 2.What Are The Common Faults Of Tablet Press Guides? How To Solve

    Tablet press guide rail is an important part to ensure that the punching rod moves in a curved trajectory. Common faults of the tablet presser guide rail are: wear of the guide rail-loose components-wear of the lower guide rail bridge plate-causing the punch rod to wear the guide rail. How to solve these problems?
    The main method to solve the wear of the middle rod and guide rail of the tablet press is to use oil stone to grind the guide rail to return to normal. The severely worn guide rail can only be discarded and replaced again. The guide rail assembly must be tightened in time when loosening occurs for a long time. Guide rails, and care should be taken not to make the transition of the guide rails smooth; the lower guide rails are worn by the bridge, which is not too serious and can be repaired with oil stone. If the wear is severe, it can only be replaced.

  • 3.How To Solve The Problem Of The Reduction Box Of The Tablet Press?

    The tablet gear reducer consists of a worm gear-worm and a casing. A common failure of the tablet gear reducer is the gearbox leakage. The main cause of failure is caused by loose flange screws or aging oil seals. How to solve the problem of the reduction box of the tablet press?
    A very simple solution is to tighten the flange screws or replace the oil seal and apply sealant. In fact, we understand the operating principle of the tablet press. After using it for a long time, we have a lot of experience, so we can naturally determine exactly what is wrong. Malfunction

  • 4.How To Find Abnormal Sound Of Tablet Press Vibration?

    First check the protection devices of the tablet press, such as lubrication protection, pressure overload protection, door and window safety protection, main motor overload protection, feeding motor overload protection one by one. If you can't turn on the machine, find a professional electrician to check the circuit to find the cause and solve it.
    Reasons for abnormal sound of tablet press vibration:
    1 The timing belt is too tight or too loose, and the adjustment can be moderate;
    2 The motor and the mechanical transmission part have a periodical resonance, which should be used in avoiding the speed of the vibration section;
    3 Long-term use causes large gaps in the transmission part, and the gaps must be adjusted to tighten the parts when the parts are loose;
    4 There are many particles and the stickiness causes plugging to adjust the particles;
    5 Tablet press bearings should be inspected and replaced regularly due to lack of oil and wear;
    6The guide punch of the tablet press is worn, and oil is regularly injected to ensure the lubrication of the guide. If the damage is slight, the replacement is repaired.

  • 5.What Are The Classifications Of Tablet Presses?

    According to the standard terminology, tablet presses have the following definitions:
    (1) Tableting machine, a machine that compresses dry granular or powdery materials into a tablet through a mold.
    (2) Single punch tablet press, a tablet press with a pair of molds making vertical reciprocating motion.
    (3) Rotary tablet press is a tablet press that vertically reciprocates according to a certain trajectory by a plurality of molds evenly distributed on a rotary turntable.
    (4) High-speed rotary tablet press. Rotary tablet press with a linear speed of not less than 60m / min.

  • 6.What Are The Applicable Scopes Of Tablet Presses?

    The scope of application of tablet presses is also becoming wider and wider, and it is no longer limited to the compression of traditional Chinese and western medicine tablets. It can also widely compress health foods, veterinary medicine tablets, and chemical tablets: such as camphor pills health balls, washing blocks, blue Genie block, fine art powder, pesticide tablet, etc., food tablet: chicken essence block, isatis root block, divine tea block, compressed biscuit, etc.

  • 7.What Is The Working Process Of A Tablet Press?

    The working process of tablet press can be divided into the following steps:
    1. The punch part of the down punch (its working position is facing up) extends from the lower end of the die hole into the die hole, sealing the bottom of the die hole;
    2. Use a feeder to fill the holes in the mold;
    3. The punch part of the upper punch (its working position is facing downward) falls from the upper end of the middle die hole into the middle die hole, and descends a certain stroke to press the powder into tablets;
    4. Punch up and lift out the hole. Push down and lift the tablet out of the die hole to complete the tabletting process;
    5. The undershoot is lowered to the original position and ready for the next filling.

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