Single Tablet Press

  • Flower Basket Single Punch Machine

    Flower Basket Single Punch Machine

    Main features of Flower basket single punch machines
    Flower basket single punch machine is used to press big tablets like chlorine tablets, salt tablets and other big-diameter tablets, because this big tablet making machine has very big pressure.
    We can customize the punches and dies for this electronic components pressing machine according to your physical tablet samples. This single tablet press machine is easy to operate.

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  • Desktop Tablet Press

    Desktop Tablet Press

    This single punch tablet press machine can be operated with electricity or by manual, and this single punch pill press machine can press different shapes of tablets with customized punches and dies.
    This manual single punch pill press is very small and you can put this single punch tablet press on the desk, so this single punch tablet press is also called desktop tablet press machine.

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  • Small Single Pill Press

    Small Single Pill Press

    This single punch pill press machine is widely used as laboratory tablet press machines. You can also buy this small single punch press machine for home use, and press tablets in small quantity.
    The house hold tablet press machines are very stable after serval times improvement. Usually we have stock for this manual pill press machine. Around 100sets can be produced per month.
    Many of these small single tablet press machines are exported to different countries through trading companies. And this TDP-5 mini pill press machine have been well received by customers.

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  • Handheld Pill Press

    Handheld Pill Press

    This handheld tablet press is a miniaturized machine based on a tableting machine with automatic rotation and continuous tableting for production. It is mainly used for process research in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors. device.
    The handheld tablet press is suitable for the compression of granular raw materials that can be compressed into tablets (within the pressure range of this machine) and the powder content (100 mesh or more) does not exceed 10%.
    This handheld tablet press is suitable for pressing 4-12mm round, special-shaped and lettering tablets.
    This machine is also called House hold tablet press,not suitable for semi-solid, moist granules, low melting point hygroscopic raw materials and tablet-free powder tableting.

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  • Small Single Tablet Press Machine

    Small Single Tablet Press Machine

    Small single tablet press machine Scope of application: The single punch tablet machine can compress powdery and granular raw materials into 5-10mm diameter disc-shaped, cylindrical tablets, and can also press tablets with characters, trademarks and patterns. The weight, thickness and hardness of the tablet can be adjusted. Different products can be pressed as long as different molds are replaced. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, hospitals, scientific research units, laboratory trial production and small batch production.

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