Pharmaceutical Granulator

  • Wet Mixing Granulation Machine

    Wet Mixing Granulation Machine

    High speed wet mixer and granulator is a high efficiency and high speed equipment. It can mix different powder materials and granular in one process, widely used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical industries.
    We customize this type of wet mixing granulator machine according to cusotmer's material characteristics, and around 20sets of this kind of wet mixer and granulators will be produced in our factory.

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  • Oscillating Granulator

    Oscillating Granulator

    We are able to manufacture around 80sets of this kind of oscillating granulator machine, and most of these YK oscillating granulator are mostly sold together with our rotary tablet press machines.
    This oscillating granulating machine is used for forming the required granules from moist power materials or for crushing dried blocks into granules in required size. The contact parts of this Oscillating Granulator is stainless steel.

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  • Fluid Bed Pharmaceutical One Step Granulator

    Fluid Bed Pharmaceutical One Step Granulator

    The scope of supply of this specification covers Design, Fabrication, Testing, Inspection, supply, validation and documentation of GFG-400 fluid bed granulator
    The fluid bed granulator is suitable for drying powder or granule. In general, its speed is 10 ~ 20 times of oven.
    The mixing and drying of the equipment can be finished in same equipment. The transfer of mass and heat is quick.

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  • Fast Granulation Machine

    Fast Granulation Machine

    This rapid mixer granulator machine is a new type machine, this fast granulator is featured in small bulk, high efficiency, regulation, stepless, low noise, universal, This pellet granulator is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry.
    This High Speed Granulator is designed for bigger particles that need to be granulated into smallers pieces fast. Every month around of 50 sets of high speed granulator can be delivered to customers.

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  • Dry Granulator

    Dry Granulator

    The dry granulator is used by putting the powder and excipients powder into mixer, mix well, and then transferred to dry granulation machine by two pinch roller pressure synthetic flakes, crushed box after breaking into the whole box whole, sheet materials into particles.

    By the use of crystal water in the material, the powder is made directly into the particles. Highly stable granules can be obtained . This dry granulating machine is a new and popular equipment in pharmacy, food, chemical and other industries. Especially when the material is not suitable for wet granulation. The final product can be made of tablet, filling capsules and so on.

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