Pharmaceutical Mixer

These pharmacy blending machines are mainly used to mix the powder and granules together. we have different type of mixers, like V type mixers, Trough type ribbon blenders, and multi-direction movable blenders. The models of these blenders are classified according to their loading capacity. And it is very easy to run these mixers.

  • Pharmaceutical Trough Type Mixer

    Pharmaceutical Trough Type Mixer

    As a whole stainless trough type mixer, this pharmaceutical powder blender is widely used for mixing of powdery or paste material in pharmaceutical chemical and foodstuff industries.
    This machine is single bearing tank type mixer. This groove shape mixer is used to mix material in pharmaceutical industry. This trough type mixer can mix dry power, wet power and paste material in proportion uniformly, during operation, the material will not dissolve, volatilize or deteriorate.

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  • V-type Mixer

    V-type Mixer

    Performance for this v shape mixer
    The v shape mixer machine is used for mixing of dry granulate material in pharmaceutical, food-stuff, chemical and other industries. This v-type mixer is used to blend different materials together evenly right before the pressing starts.
    This Medicine powder mixer has Featuring unique structure, high mixing Function and uniform mixing, the mixing barrel is made of stainless with polished internal and external walls. And this machine has beautiful appearance, uniform mixing and wide application.

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  • Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer

    Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer

    This Three-dimensional mixer machine is designed for mixing two or more dry power or granule raw materials from pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry and so on.
    The structure of this Dry Powder Mixer is unique. Its hasvery effective mixing efficiency and no dead corner.
    The inner and outer walls of this v shape dry powder miaxer are processed through polishing.
    The forced stirrer can also be equipped on this pharmaceutical powder mixer as optiona itmes, according to request of client, to meet the requirements of raw materials like pretty fine powder, cake and certain moist stuff.

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  • Three Dimensional Powder Mixer

    Three Dimensional Powder Mixer

    HD series multi directional Movement Mixer is a novel materials mixing machine widely applicable to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and light industry as well as R&D. institutes.
    The pharmaceutical 3D mixer machine can perform a very uniform mixing of powder or granular materials with a good mobility. Around 100 three Dimensional Powder Mixers can be produced every month.
    The surface of the pharmaceutical 3D mixing machine is very smooth and can be cleaned very easily, and produced strictly in accordance with GMP standard.

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