Bouillon Cube Wrapping Machine

this bouillon cube wrapping machine is used to pack cube products like bouillon cubes, soup cubes, seasonning cubes and so on. And the bouillon cube packing machine can pack the 10 gram bouillon cubes at a speed 130 pieces per minute. Aluminium coated paper or film can be used on this bouillon cube packing machine.

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    10g Bouillon Cube Wrapping Machine

    10g Bouillon Cube Wrapping Machine

    This 10g bouillon cube packing machine is used to wrap food cubes, such as bouillon cubes, soup cubes and shrimp cubes. Usually we have stock for this chicken bouillon cube wrapping machine.
    We have installed more than 160 sets of this flavoring cube packing machine in 2019, and end-users have very good comment on this soup seasoning cube wrapping machine.
    This shrimp bouillon cube wrapping machine can match our rotary bouillon cube pressing machine very well,and we have rich experience about the project of bouillon cube production line.

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  • 4g Bouillon Cube Wrapping Machine

    4g Bouillon Cube Wrapping Machine

    This Bouillon cube wrapper machine is specialy designed to pack smaller cubes such as chicken bouillon cubes, sugar cubes, soup seasoning cubes and so on. This 4g bouillon cube wrapping machine can wrap the cubes with paper.
    This shrimp cube packing machine is usually connected with the bouillon cube press machine and box packing machine. The boullion cubes will be pressed on the bouillon cube making machine and then wrapped on this bouillon cube wrapper, and packed up by the box packing machine.
    This sugar cube paking machine can pack approximately 200-280 pieces of 4g bouillon cubes per minute.

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