Pharmaceutical Supporting Equipments

  • Uphill De-duster

    Uphill De-duster

    SZ-230 upward tablet de-duster is developed to remove all the dust and static powder stuck on the tablets pressed by high-speed tableting machines. Uphill tablet deduster is designed to form a complete set with high-speed medicinal tableting machines.
    The uphill tablet deduster machine can be used together with all types of tableting machines. The uphill capsule deduster may also be used as an outlet equipment for various tablets.

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  • Tablet De-duster

    Tablet De-duster

    Tablet deduster model number is CFQ-300, and all the material of the tablet de-dusting machine is processed strictly in accordance with GMP standard, and the operation of this kind of tablet deduster is very easy and convenient.
    This model of tablet polishing machine is not expensive but with very effective function, and the tablets will be polished very well, and the tablets polished by this kind of capsule polishing machine is very smooth and nice.

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  • Vacuum Conveyor

    Vacuum Conveyor

    This Vacuum feeder is a vacuum feeding machine with pneumatic vacuum pump as vacuum source. With this vacuum feeder, materials could be conveyed directly from material container into tablet machine,mixer, silo, , packing machine, vibration sieve, reactor, granulator, capsule filling machines, wet granulator, dry granulator and disintegrator.
    To use this vacuum feeder could lighten workers’ labor work, put an end to powder pollution and ensure that the production process meets GMP standards.

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  • Capsule Polishing Machine

    Capsule Polishing Machine

    This capsule polishing machine is desgined for polishing capsule, and and make the capsule very smooth and nice looking. This capsule polisher can easily get rid of the residue powder from the surface of the capsule very fast.
    We are able to manufacture around 60 sets of capusle polishing machine every month, and most of these capsule deduster are exported worldwide through our distributors or tading companies.
    Welcome to visit our factory in Shanghai, around 1 hour's drive from Pudong international air port.

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  • Dust Collector

    Dust Collector

    The third generation vacuum dust collector uses multi-stage ejector pump and metal filter. We developed the dust collecting machine by following the combination of the aerospace and international GMP criterion strictly.
    This Dust collector is widely applicable to clean dust on the equipment and in the enviroment of industrial production, such as medicine, foods, chemical industries etc. The main material of this dust collection machine adopts the stainless steel.
    Our technology has achieved international advance level. Our dust collector for tablet press can solve the stratification of powder and granules, and eliminate the static trouble during the tablets production.

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